Askue&Co purchases only the finest GIA certified diamonds directly from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, therefore are able to pass on wholesale prices to our clients.

Our aim is to ensure the experience of buying a diamond is memorable. We will educate and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect diamond for you. Our local and talented jeweler can handcraft your custom design into a masterpiece.


princess diamond


Diamonds come in various shapes (round, cushion, princess etc.) All shapes have different characteristics; it really comes down to personal preference. 


The cut of a diamond refers to its balance of proportion; symmetry and polish achieved by the diamond cutter and is considered to be the most important characteristic. When a diamond has been correctly cut, its ability to reflect and refract light is significantly enhanced. A high graded cut will ensure the diamond has brilliance and sparkle.


The less colour a diamond exhibits, the higher the rarity, and therefore the higher the value. After cut, colour is the next most important characteristic to consider when choosing a diamond. Diamonds with less colour allow more light to pass through, releasing more brilliance and fire.

The colour scale begins with the highest rating of D for colourless, and travels down the alphabet to grade stones. Diamonds with grades D - F are considered “colourless," G - J are considered "near-colourless," K - M are "faint yellow," and N - Y are referred to as “light yellow or brown.”


Clarity refers to how clean the diamond is with respect to natural characteristics that were trapped within or on the diamond while it was forming. Internal characteristics are known as inclusions, and characteristics on the surface of the gem are known as blemishes. The quantity, size, colour, location and visibility of inclusions affect the final clarity grade of a diamond. Diamonds with no or few inclusions are considered exceptionally rare and highly valued.


Carat refers to the weight measure of gems and diamonds. Once the cut, colour, and clarity grade have been determined, the carat weight of a diamond can be easily established to fit within a budget. Larger diamonds are more valuable as they are discovered in nature less frequently.



A diamond grading report provides an expert opinion on the quality of the diamond. Skilled gemologists measure the weight and proportions of the diamond and assess characteristics such as cut, colour, and clarity using specialized equipment.

Askue&Co’s diamonds are certified by the world’s largest independent gemology lab, Gemological Institute of America (GIA).